Frequently asked questions

I can't find the climb I want, can you make it?

Yes! We can recreate any climb in the world in 3D. All we need is a link to your activity, or the climb segment, on Strava. Check out our Custom Climb product for more details.

Can you make an entire route in 3D?

Yes it's possible to create entire routes in 3D. Routes are much longer than individual climbs so the scale of the model will have to be adjusted. Check out our Custom Route product for more details.

Can you add more customisations?

The amount of customisations to our 'Custom' products is almost limitless! If you have any special requests outside of the usual customisations don't hesitate to ask us via the online chat, or send an email to

What will my Custom Climb look like?

If you're unsure or hesitant about how your Custom product will look like please contact us via the online chat or an email to

We will be able to send you a digital 3D render of what your climb will look like!

What are your models made of?

Our climbs and routes are 3D printed from either PLA or PETG.

It is advisable to protect them from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures higher than 80° C.

I am an event organiser, can you produce trophies?

Yes we produce customised event trophies & medals. See our Event Trophies page for more details.