What we do

Discover how we create captivating models, merging roads and terrain with unrivaled precision, breathing life into legendary climbs.

By cyclists, for cyclists

We are a pair of cycling fanatics that are passionate about two things: cycling and creativity.

Combing our love for the sport with our artistic flair to create innovative and unique souvenirs and gifts for cyclists like you.

Our journey began to provide fellow cyclists with exceptional keepsakes that truly resonate with their cycling experiences.

Our unique idea

Cycling climbs in 3D

Combining the most accuarte digital elevation maps available together with the GPX data of your rides we can recreate any climb in the world in 3D.

How they're made

3D Printed

With the power of 3D printing we bring our designs to life, layer by layer.

Unrivaled quality and detail truly captures the essence of the mountains, transforming them into tangible masterpieces.

the personal touch


The road profile is meticulously painted by hand.

The stunning result ensures that each piece reflects the authentic beauty of the climb it represents.

the finishing touch

Iroko hardwood base

Adding a touch of craftsmanship, we handcraft each Iroko wooden base that finishes our models.

The rich grain and natural beauty of Iroko wood enhance the overall aesthetic.